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Massachusetts Dept of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Law Enforcement


Fishing Clubs

 Weymouth, MA Junior Sportsmans Club, Contact: Joseph Fee, 516 Front St., Weymouth, MA 02188. Ages 11 - 16.

Fishing Clinics & Seminars
June 1, 2002 Spot Pond Fishing Festival, Stoneham, MA. This festival is designed to introduce curious or beginning anglers of all ages who have an interst in learning about fishing. Cast a line, learn about fish in our waters, safety, ethics, and fishing equipment. No equipment is needed, but if you have your own, bring it along! 9 Am to 1 PM. The festival is coordinated by volunteers of MassWildlife's Angler Education and is co sponsored by the Metropolitan District Comission. For more information contact: MDC-Spot Pond at 617-727-5380.
July 20th, 2002 Whitman's Pond Family Fishing Festival, Weymouth, MA. Same event as above. 10 AM to 3 PM. Co-sponsored by the Whitman's Pond Association and Weymouth Youth Family Services. Contact: Lorraine Larrabee 781-335-5863.
July 27th, 2002 Houghton's Pond Fishing Festival, Canton, MA. Same event as above. 10 AM to 2:30 PM. Co-sponsored by the Metropolitan District Comission and the Northeast Bass Association. Contact: MDC- Blue Hill's Reservation at 617-698-1802.


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