The 10 Year-Old "Naish of Rosas" - Oliver-Tom Schliemann
The youngest windsurfer on the Starboard team tells his story

I think I am the youngest teamrider at STARBOARD now, after I received a contract from Svein Rasmussen and Jim Drake personally, during the last week at Duesseldorf/Germany.

Although I was born in Germany I am now living since five years in Spain and before I lived in Greece and Sweden. I started windsurfing, when I was four years old at my father's windsurfing school and at seven, I took part in the first races of SUPER 8 here in Spain. One year later we had the European Finals of SUPER 8 at my homeplace Roses, and I finished 3rd.  In Spain we have three months summer holidays, and therefore I could windsurf the whole summer every day and I got a Mistral Screamer after I had started with a very old and heavy Allroundboard. With this old

Oliver-Tom Schliemann is truly one of the most talented as well as determined young sailors around. At the age of 10, he is already a competitor of International standard, with astonishing results and with an amazing travel schedule both behind and in front of him. Read more at

board I won the Amuria Classics in Spain in the class up to sixteen years when I was eight, and after this event I received my first contract from Robby Naish / Naish Germany. Robby himself handed me a 3.3 qm sail he had used before, - with his sailnumber US1111- and since that day my friends named me the "NAISH of Rosas".

. That has been my most funny race. We had to start with strong onshore wind and waves of one meter and everybody thought that I would not be able to come through the rough shore break, but I let the others start from the beach, knowing that after some high waves there is always a short calm. So while most of the other competitors where starting to early and fell in before the first buoy, I came to the buoy without any problems as the second but one boy was far ahead of me - some 200 Meters. This sailor passed than the second buoy far in front of me and suddenly stopped, starting celebrating his victory on the water. But in fact the finish was at the beach, and therefore I passed him and sailed down the last three hundred meters alone, reaching the beach as the winner. The parents of the other boy nearly died by shouting to him he shall go on, but he thought that they were congratulating him. First after he came to the beach he recognized that he was only second.

In 2000 I went with my father to Athens to the MISTRAL ONE DESIGN Youth World Championships and because I was too young with nine years the Jury gave me a Gold Medal for my racing during that event, announcing that " we have seen the youngest sailor on world standard here. After this I traveled to Hong Kong, Mexico, Marseille and Thailand to take part in Continental Championships of the MYOD, becoming the Vice World Champion at 10 years of age in Thailand last year. Besides this I joined my first Formula Races here in Spain during the World Cup, and at Neusiedler See Austria in the Formel J. In Austria I won the Class up to 17 years, in Spain I have been placed fourth in the Adults Class with 23 competitors at the start.. I am now using NAISH Sails 4.5 to 6.0 qm and I am training in the summer every day 5 to 7 hours at the Rosas bay, where I meet 2 meter waves in the afternoon and always thermal winds of 18 to 25 knots. My father is still my trainer, but more and more I am much faster than him. In the morning , when the wind is calmer I give windsurfing lessons to other kids, mostly those who speaks Spanish or Catalan, ( a special language of the Costa Brava) because I speak this languages besides German and English. This year I will travel to USA/Miami, where a STARBOARD Wood 136 is waiting for me and I will take part in the North American Continentals there. Than I shall go to China, Italy (Lake Garda) as well as Scotland to the Formula Worlds and Cadiz/Spain to the Mistral Worlds.

I am looking forward very much to my new STARBOARD and I am very proud of being a new STARBOARD kid.

Oliver -Tom


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