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Windsurfing / Sailboarding Camps

Windsurfing is very challenging and extremely satisfying sport. The strength developed and tranquility experienced is probably oinly matched by rock climbing, which, as you can imagine, is a totally different animal. Here is a place to start exploring the windsurfing camps in your area:

Surf Camp

Surfing is one of the most fun and refreshing sports to take part in. And when you are a child it is fairly easy to learn, especially with a good and patient instructor. Used surfboards are all over CraigsList and Ebay at excellent prices. The following link is a good place to look for the […]

Summer Camps

Summer fun is soon upon us. Camps for the children are going to be one of the most economical activities available. Let the professional kid care personnel earn their wages so you can relax a little and have fun with your children after hours. Here is one of the best places to find the camps […]