Summer Camps For All Ages All Year Long

What in the world are summer camps all year long, and for all ages.

We conduct an Academic Boat Building Workshop that many youth centers and summer camp organizations have had us do with their “summer camper goers” for a unique activity to add to their summer camp line up. And it has been very fun and successful with the children/youth in many areas of the eastern U.S.A. as well as the caribbean. But this is fun any time of the year, and fits right in with the school year activities also because we use the boat building to show the practical use of math & science applications, as well as geography & history studies, and even the practical use of language arts, visual arts and of course physics and biology research. the list goes on.

Though, the most fun is actually building the boats and then using them out on the water.

Your school group will have an absolute blast doing the Academic Boat Building Workshop with us. It is one of the most effective team building, esteem building and practical life application projects that a group of people can do together. check it out:

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