Summer Camps

Outdoor summer camps, especially water sports camps, can be so refreshing and fun. Many of the outdoor summer camps introduce and hone skills, and attitudes, with our children that will benefit them for their entire lives.

Choose wisely the summer camps that you are allowing your children to attend.

Just as I recommend visiting and hanging out in academic classes that our children attend, I recommend checking out the summer camps that they are participating in. When the camp begins go with your children and stay for a while to observe some of the activities, as well as watching the behavior of the children that your children will be with.

In the same way with academic classes, if  you feel there is a problem or an attitude of invasion about you, as the child’s parent, hanging out and observing, I think that can be a sign or signal that the supervisors/instructors don’t have the correct, or best attitude to supervise OUR children. If there is just plain unacceptable behavior by the supervisors, the other children, and/or a lack of supervision, I recommend taking the child out and getting a refund. Be strong about your children’s welfare. Don’t be pressured to do anything that you feel is not right.

Just as we sign agreements that if our child doesn’t abide by the rules and expectations or they will be removed with no refund, we can excercise our rights to remove our child for immoral behavior, lack of supervision, and/or anything else we feel is wrong to be done with our children. Be sure to read the fine print when signing “camp” agreements. Ask to check it our first, just like walking into a restaurant with a buffet, check it out before you commit.

Our children are some the most precious and fragile treasures we have, and will ever have. The most important and valuable commodity under our control is the time we spend with our family. Group activities and camps can be fun and good for new experiences with skills and equipment that we don’t have, and they can be very enriching.

Please, choose the camps, activities and supervisors, wisely.

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