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By Casey Bailey, age 12
Posted Monday, May 9, 2005

I have been sailing ever since I can remember. When I was two my parents would take me out on their sailboat. Sailing has always been the thing I look forward to all year. I can never wait for the summer so I can just get in my boat and sail away. I have been in sailing program since I was seven and ever since I look forward to it. Sailing makes me feel happy it also makes me feel like I'm free. All my worries leave and its just me and the boat.

I have made so many new friends because of sailing. Some I see all summer, some are just pen-pals, but I love them all. I have learned so much from sailing. It taught me that you need to respect the water and other things around you. I also learned team work, I sailed with a friend named Chris. He and I learned to work with each other and help each other. I don't always live on my boat but for two wonderful weeks every summer I do. Someday I want to sail around the world and learn more about the water.

I have sailed on a tall ship and I loved it. All kinds of boats are so much fun. When sailing you just have to let yourself go and don't hold back. My friends who don't sail do not understand the feeling of it. I have raced my boat but did not like it as much as I like to just go and sail. I think that any one who has ever sailed will feel the same way.

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